Fall 2002 Meeting

Agenda & Presentations

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Michael DeAngelis, CEC and Jeff Harris and Marcy Beck, LBNL

William Flynn, NYSERDA

Session: Future Challenges and Directions for Energy Innovation"

  • Robert H. Williams, Princeton University
  • Joel Swisher, Rocky Mountain Institute

Session: "The History and Current Practices of Innovation"

  • Richard Hirsh, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  • Peter Schwartz, Global Business Network

Session: "Current Public Practices in Stimulating Energy Innovations" Panel Presentations and Discussion of State and Federal Programs/Process to Stimulate Innovation
Moderated by Peter Schwartz, Global Business Network

  • US DOE - Jack Darnell (NREL)
  • CEC Terry Surles
  • University of Illinois, Chicago Bill Worek
  • NYSERDA Gunnar Walmet
  • North Carolina AEC - John Morrison
  • Iowa Energy Center Floyd Barwig
  • California Institute for Energy Efficiency (CIEE) Carl Blumstein

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Introduction - Bill Flynn, NYSERDA

Session: "A New Era in DOE/States RDD&D Collaborations" - David Garman, DOE

STAC Intergovernmental Agreement Signing Ceremony

Session: Status Update of the State Technologies Advancement Collaborative (STAC) Program

  • Jack White, ASERTTI
  • Joe Malinovsky, DOE
  • Mike DeAngelis (CEC) and Floyd Barwig (IEC), ASERTTI
  • John Nunley (WBC), and Peter Smith (NYSERDA), NASEO

Session: Discussion with EPA of Possible Working Relationships in Energy RDD&D with the States Floyd Barwig, Iowa Energy Center and Robert Rose, EPA

Session and Tour: Sonoma Development Center CHP Facility Mike Batham (CEC), Glenn Asher (Kawasaki), Pat Conroy (Catalytica)

  • Sonoma Development Center Distributed Power Facility Tour of a Catalytic combustion retrofit of a 1.4 MW CHP turbine
  • Dinner at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn sponsored by Catalytica Combustion Systems, Inc. and Kawasaki, Inc.

Session: Roundtable Collaborative Updates from ASERTTI Members at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn (8:00 9:30 pm)

  • Energy Efficiency in Municipal Water/Wastewater Collaborations Neal Elliott, ACEEE
  • Federal/State Industrial Sector Collaborations Bill Worek (University of Illinois, Chicago) and Marsha Quinn (DOE)
  • Buildings Sector Collaborations Indoor Environmental Quality Jim Cole (CIEE), Michael McCabe (DOE), Nancy Jenkins (CEC), Bill Fisk (LBNL)
  • DOE/ASERTTI Distributed Power Testing Protocols Project Mike Batham (CEC), Debbie Haught (DOE)
  • Motor Resource Center Jake Fey (Washington), John Morrison (North Carolina)

Friday, November 15, 2002

Session: Associate Members Presentations & Discussions

  • American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) Neal Elliott
  • National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Cooperative Research Network Steve Lindenberg
  • Energy Co-Opportunity (ECO) Bill Cetti
  • Electricity Innovations Institute (E2I) Adrienne Wright
  • Gas Technology Institute - Ron Edelstein
  • Integrating R&D and Market Transformation Activities Dale Sartor, LBNL
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL) Jack Darnell
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL) Marilyn Brown
  • Pacific Northwest Laboratories (PNL) - Bernie Saffell

Session: ASERTTI Members Business Meeting

  • Vice Chair Report Michael DeAngelis
  • Status of Executive Director Search - John Morrison (Search Committee)
  • Elections Gunnar Walmet & Mark Hanson (Elections Committee)
  • Treasurer's Report -- Bill Worek and Sherry Benzmiller
  • Discussion and Possible Voting of Bylaws Changes Bill Worek
  • RDD&D Committee Report - Floyd Barwig
  • ASERTTI Web Site Status Steve Kalland and Sherry Benzmiller
  • Winter Meeting Committee Report Jack White

Tour: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)