New ASERTTI Representatives on the Commercial Buildings Consortium (CBC) Steering Committee

Lee DeBaille, Energy Center of Wisconsin, and Peter Douglas, NYSERDA, have agreed to represent ASERTTI on the Commercial Buildings Consortium (CBC) Steering Committee as the CBC readies for a ramp-up of activity in coordination with U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) support in the coming months.  The CBC is a public/private consortium of commercial building stakeholders working with DOE to develop and deliver technology, policies, and practices to achieve sector-wide market transformation.  For more information, please visit the CBC website.

ASERTTI Members Attend AMO Manufacturing Demonstration Facility Workshop

On March 12, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) held a Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF) Workshop in Chicago, Illinois.  The workshop served as a venue to encourage discussion between AMO and stakeholders about the new initiative.  AMO intends to create several MDF facilities across the U.S. that will support the collaborative development and dissemination of energy-efficient, rapid, flexible manufacturing technologies.  ASERTTI members and staff in attendance included: Ken Dulaney (Advanced Energy), Ron Edelstein (Gas Technology Institute), Cris Love (Washington State University, Extension Energy Program), and David Terry (ASERTTI).  The workshop was broadcast live as a webinar, and the proceedings are available here.

Industrial Motor Services of Augusta, GA Receives Innovative Motor Repair Certification Accreditation

Advanced Energy recently announced that Industrial Motor Services of Augusta, GA, a division of the Electrical Equipment Company, recently achieved Proven Efficiency Verification (PEV) accreditation for motor repair – a stringent quality assurance program to ensure consistency in repairs while achieving energy savings.  Industrial Motors Services is now one of only eight motor repair service centers in North America to receive this accreditation, demonstrating it has the necessary standards and procedures in place to return repaired motors to “like new” condition and performance.  Advanced Energy’s PEV program assesses motor repair facilities’ standards and processes for the repair of AC induction, three-phase electric motors used in industrial and commercial applications.  The program involves a thorough onsite evaluation of a motor service center's ability to maintain efficiency during the repair process.  Once the evaluation is completed, the motor repair center is required to perform before and after rewind testing in Advanced Energy’s motor test lab. Annual renewal requirements must be met in order to maintain certification.

New Catalyst for Safe, Reversible Hydrogen Storage

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Brookhaven National Laboratory and collaborators have developed a new catalyst that reversibly converts hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide to a liquid under very mild conditions. The work could lead to efficient ways to safely store and transport hydrogen for use as an alternative fuel.  Hydrogen is seen as an attractive fuel because it can efficiently be converted to energy without producing toxic products or greenhouse gases. However, the storage and transportation of hydrogen remain more problematic than for liquid hydrocarbon fuels. The new work builds on earlier efforts to combine hydrogen with carbon dioxide to produce a liquid formic acid solution that can be transported using the same kind of infrastructure used to transport gasoline and oil.

LIPA Rolls Out Major Energy Efficiency Program for Businesses in East Hampton

The Long Island Power Authority’s (LIPA’s) South Fork Efficiency Initiative will offer business customers smart cost-savings opportunities to partner with LIPA to make their companies more energy efficient and save money.  The South Fork Efficiency Initiative includes LIPA’s Small Business Direct Install (SBDI), a small to medium business lighting efficiency program that is specifically targeting businesses on the most constrained circuits. The program will not only help businesses save energy and lower electric costs, it will reduce the demand on these circuits, increasing reliability and deferring future expenditures to increase the load capacities of power plants.  Eligible business customers will receive a free lighting survey and a comprehensive report detailing recommended upgrades, equipment costs and expected energy savings, as well as the proposed project’s simple payback. This will help uncover areas where energy efficiency can save eligible companies real money every month. Once businesses agree to move forward with the energy savings recommendations, LIPA will pay up to 70% of the project cost to make businesses more energy efficient.


Bloomberg New Energy Finance Picks 10 ’Pioneers’ for 2012

Bloomberg New Energy Finance recognized 10 companies for developing innovative solar, biofuel, power-storage and electricity-management systems.  The recipients were selected for both the potential value of their products and services and the companies’ ability to bring them to market, according to a statement. Some are focused on financing rather than energy, such as Clean Power Finance Inc., which operates an online marketplace for investors to fund consumers’ rooftop solar projects, said Nathaniel Bullard, an analyst at New Energy Finance.  Other Pioneers, such as Xtreme Power Inc., Smarter Grid Solutions Ltd, Maxwell Technologies Inc., Silver Spring Networks Inc. and Tendril Networks Inc., are developing storage systems, smart meters and software that may make the power grid more efficient.  Joining them are: Ecotality Inc., which develops electric-vehicle charging stations; -Emefcy Ltd., which creates bacteria that generate electricity from treating wastewater; LanzaTech Inc., a developer of microbes that convert waste gas into fuel and chemicals; and, Va-Q-Tec AG, a maker of vacuum-based insulation materials.

House Armed Services Committee Hearing

On March 29, the U.S. House of Representatives’ Armed Services Committee hearing, What is the Price of Energy Security: from Battlefields to Bases, provided an opportunity for several expert witnesses to present testimony addressing the U.S. Department of Defense’s energy priorities and investments.  Chairman Randy Forbes welcomed the discussion and the opportunity to dive into the details, highlighting that energy security is one of his top priorities, and that “one of the greatest challenges for the Department of Defense, it is also an area for enormous potential.”  Expert witness testimonies included: The Honorable Sharon Burke, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy , U.S. Department of Defense; The Honorable Jackalyne Pfannenstiel, Assistant Secretary of the Navy Energy, Installations and Environment; The Honorable Katherine Hammack, Assistant Secretary of the Army Installations, Energy, and the Environment; Dr. Dorothy Robyn, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Installations and Environment; and The Honorable Terry Yonkers, AAssistant Secretary of the Air Force Installations, Environment and Logistics.

Ultra Light Startups Hosts Future Energy Conference in May

On May 14, Ultra Light Startups will host its Future Energy conference in Boston, MA. The event will bring together entrepreneurs, researchers, and private investors operating in the energy and clean-tech industries.  Ultra Light Startups is a community dedicated to helping technology startups grow their businesses.  It’s built around monthly startup-investor pitch events in New York and Boston.  Since 2008, over 700 startups have pitched at Ultra Light, and 6 percent have received at least one round of venture capital funding.


SBIR/STTR FY 2012 Phase I (Release 3)

The U.S. Department of Energy released a Funding Opportunity Announcement for Phase I funding opportunities for the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs for Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 Phase I (Release 3).  The objectives of the programs include increasing private sector commercialization of technology developed through DOE-supported research and development (R&D), stimulating technological innovation in the private sector, and improving the return on investment from federally-funded research for economic and social benefits to the nation. DOE will support high-quality R&D on advanced concepts concerning important mission-related scientific or engineering problems and opportunities that are likely to lead to significant public benefit from promising research.  Responses are due July 3, 2012.


2012 Michigan Energy Conference
April 12, 2012 – Grand Rapids, MI
Biomass 2012: Confronting Challenges, Creating Opportunities – Sustaining a Commitment to Bioenergy
July 10-11, 2012 – Washington, D.C.