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Capture energy from a hurricane

A destructive natural disaster hurricane can ruin houses, buildings and take away many lives. But despite doing all of these destructive activities, it helps in energy creation. Instead of fleeing away from hurricanes, people should use this cyclonic energy for converting it into electricity. Further, this can be used as a substitute source for expensive electricity. Here we are going to discuss the process of capture energy from a hurricane. Many scientists show interest in turning the disastrous power of hurricanes into energy.

Process of capturing energy from the hurricane:

Since hurricanes carry wind and rainfall, reducing their intensity helps in turning energy into electricity easily. Generating electricity from the hurricane by using technology which is 200 times the electric generating capacity over the world. But the process is not so simple. If a windmill needs to be set up for collecting power, the device needs to be strong enough for facing the force and heavy pressure. Windmill must have the power of mobility so that it can follow the path of a hurricane without experiencing any problem.

process of capture energy

Till now, no scientists have that kind of setup to collect the power from the hurricane. But once they can do that, it becomes a great renewable energy resource. With the help of technology, people can make tidal energy and solar energy by taming the ocean wave and the sun. Now it is time to tame the hurricane. If people want to take advantage of the extreme power of a hurricane, they have to develop their types of equipment for capturing the energy of a hurricane. The wind turbine can do this wander but before that, people have to make sure about the reduction of carbon dioxide emission.

Procedure to incarcerate energy from the tornado:

The warmth and humidity in the air create the tornado. The heat can become the source of solar energy and the waste heat and the tornado can run the wind turbines to produce energy. There are many ways to harness energy from tornados. Many scientists are running after to generate electricity from tornados to meet the excessive electricity demand. By developing a vortex engine, scientists can heat the air via the sun.

After that, the excess heat of the power plant is used for heating the air then the rotation can make a sustainable vortex. After that, the pressure at the base of the vortex can be used to run turbines for generating electricity. The vortex must be a very cheap and clean product.