Our Vision

ASERTTI – by nature
The future of clean and sustainable energy production

ASERTTI is the result of one man’s passion for smart inventions and a vision to solve the existing problem of utilizing the wind, ocean, its calm waters and enormous resources in buoyancy and gravity.

Aiming to secure the planet clean, renewable energy and a sustainable future.

Our social responsibility

ASERTTI’s social responsibility is to run the company in a responsible and sustainable manner.

The company contributes to a positive societal development by offering a product that helps reduce pollution, and ensures that the world has access to clean and environmentally friendly energy. Everything we do should include sustainability aspects such as health, safety, working environment, external environment, quality and honest business conduct.

Increased Demand For Renewable Energy

There is no doubt that the world’s energy needs are increasing.

At the same time, the climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our times, concretized through the ambitions of the Paris Agreement.
The green shift with the realization of a low-emission societ, requires enormous adjustments and energy change, globally. The climate agreement is very ambitious, but absolutely necessary, and together with the UN’s sustainability goals, it forms a normative compass that provides guidelines for both the government and the business community.

In order to offer the world access to energy, but at the same time limit and slow down climate change, which is particularly a result of fossil energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, we must begin with the resources we already have available today.

We need to consider which of these are renewable enough to be used further, and thus meet the important sustainability goals.